Do you want to show off your child’s skills on the piano and what they have achieved during their lessons? t

The best way to showcase your child’s skills is with a piano recital of course!

However, this is your first piano recital as well, and you need to know how to pull off a perfect event.

Hosting the perfect recital is simple, and we have four tips to help you out if you keep reading.

How to Host the Perfect First Piano Recital

Hosting a piano recital can be broken down into four tips; the venue, invitations, welcoming speech, and awards.

You might find not all of these tips necessary for your recital, but we will mention them nonetheless.

For example, you are probably asking yourself why a venue or awards are necessary. Do not worry, we will tell you why soon!


You will probably want to skip this step if you already have a piano at home, but if you do not own a piano, then this is where you will need to consider renting a venue for your child’s recital.

Churches and music stores are our recommended choices for a venue.

Both churches and music stores typically own one piano, which means that if you rent the venue, you can request the use of their piano too.

It would be worth considering a church over a music store. Churches – whether modern or rustic – have a better atmosphere for a more formal recital than music stores. A church will also have better seating should you have a large guest list.

Of course, venues need to be booked in advance; especially, the more popular venues.

If you do decide to book a venue for your child’s recital, we recommend looking for one at least 3 to 4 months in advance. The earlier, the better!


To prepare, we recommend sending out recital invitations. Make flyers, send out emails, and call family 2 to 3 months beforehand.

Let everyone know about the recital as soon as you have the fine details ironed out.

By giving your guests earlier notice, they will be able to free their days and make time to attend the piano recital more easily then if you had forewarned them only a few weeks in advance.

Mail out flyers to friends and family. A flyer is a physical reminder for your piano recital, which they can share with more family and friends.

If you do not want to spend money on having flyers made, then sending out emails or creating an event on Facebook works just as well.

We also recommend sending out a reminder when the day of the recital is only a month or so away. People often forget about important dates even with flyers and emails, after all.

Your Welcome Speech

When hosting the piano recital, it is best to start the evening off with a speech greeting everyone in attendance. A speech done right sets the stage for the recital as well.

Be welcoming to your guests. Your guests put in the effort to be at the recital for your child and you, and it is nice to know that their effort is appreciated.

Your speech should also include a reminder about your child’s age and current skill level.

It is helpful for everyone to realize that they are not about to be serenaded by a professional pianist and that their expectations should match reality.

You can also gush about your child a little bit as well. It is all right to let everyone know how proud you are of your child and the accomplishments they have made.

Do not forget to remind your guests to stay for the entire recital if they can. It may seem unnecessary, but encouraging your guests will motivate them to enjoy the entire recital.


Handing out awards is another tip we recommend, but which you are allowed to ignore.

Honestly, awards work better if you are hosting a piano recital with several other parents who also want to show off their children’s skills.

If you are co-hosting the recital, then giving the children awards at the end will make them happy.

Children always enjoy receiving something, and getting an award in recognition of their efforts is even better.

It is always a pleasure to see your child beaming at the end of the day, clutching their prize to their chest.

Make It Yours

The essential key to hosting your first piano recital is to have fun with it.

Choose piano recital music you know your child enjoys and are fun to listen to, even if the songs are not classics.

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