piano accessories


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, there are some items every player must own.

You can buy a range of products to both aids your learning and prevent you from disturbing others.

So, we are looking at the five must-have piano accessories you need for a keyboard.

1. Headphones

Headphones are a must when you start learning how to play the keyboard.

While you might need to spend hours practicing your skills, your loved ones or neighbors may not want to hear it.

You can master the piano silently, which great for practicing late at night or if you have paper thin walls.

So, be a good neighbor and keep the noise down.

It’s also a great way to absorb the music and ignore your surroundings.

So, it will be only you and the piano, with nothing or no-one to disturb you from getting into the zone.

2. Piano Stool

Comfort is key when tickling the ivories.

You will spend many an hour learning a new melody or playing your favorite songs at your leisure.

So, you will need a comfortable piano stool, which will allow you to focus on the keyboard and not any discomfort.

You can choose from a traditional wooden stool or a modern x-style bench.

If you’re teaching children how to play, or you want a flexible seat, consider an adjustable stool.

You can then change the height so you or a little one can reach the piano with ease.

What’s more, it can improve your posture and prevent tiredness.

3. A Piano Stand

It’s not only the stool that will determine your height in front of the piano. You must find the right piano stand, too.

To play well, you will have to make sure the stand is at the right height for your needs.

You also have the option to choose between a fixed or adjustable stand.

If you are teaching children to play the piano, or if you regularly play gigs, we recommend opting for an adjustable stand.

One on the most popular options is the x-shaped piano keyboard stand, as they can suit most keyboards.

Don’t forget to make sure it is compatible with your keyboard, though.

4. A Sustain Pedal

Most beginners may be unsure of the best piano accessories for their needs.

That’s why many fail to buy a sustain pedal when starting out.

Once you have identified what it is and decide to buy one, you will wonder how you ever played the piano without it.

The pedal can link chords and notes together during long intervals, so can transform an experience.

So, you can enjoy smoother key jumps, which will allow sounds to resonate with the listener.

You can select from a range of options, such as the affordable box pedals to traditional pedals.

If you do not plan to transport a keyboard too much, you could always select a pedal board with three pedals.

5. A Piano Bag

The last thing you will want is for your keyboard to break due to external damage.

You must aim to protect the instrument when not in use with a piano bag.

This will prevent a keyboard from experiencing wear and tear. It will also provide protection when in transit.

Even if you’re only using the keyboard at home, keep the instrument covered to keep it safe and secure. So, you can prevent dust from clogging the ivories.

You can choose between a padded bag or a hard case for keyboard protection.

Remember, an instrument could break due to water damage, such as a spillage or arduous weather. So, look for a waterproof piano bag for extra protection.

Why Buy Piano Accessories?

There are many piano accessories on the market. So don’t limit yourself to the basic products that come with a keyboard.

Transform your experience and select a comfy stool, pick the right stand and buy a sustain pedal.

You can also become lost in the music with a good pair of headphones – and keep the keyboard protected with a bag.

If you do all that, you can enjoy many years of great music on the keyboard, which will aid your development.

Do you have any piano accessories you could never do without? Got any performance tips to share? Leave a comment below.