Are you seeking musical inspiration?

Pianos have been enchanting classical music aficionados for centuries.

Whether you are a music lover or musician yourself, there is nothing quite like listening to the greats.

Exploring the work of famous musicians can deepen your own craft and teach you something new about the world of music.

In this post, we look at six famous pianists who will undoubtedly influence both your listening and playing of future piano music.

1. Clara Haskil

Clara Haskil, although often overlooked, is one of the greatest pianists in the piano’s classical heritage. She is most known for her unique and beautiful interpretations of Mozart, Beethoven and other early Romantic composers.

A Swiss-Romanian, Haskil starred as a piano soloist under the direction of many famous conductors, including Rosbaud and Dixon. Her Mozart recordings are still available to piano enthusiasts today.

In fact, there is a global piano competition held in her honour every year, enabling young pianists to showcase their talents.

2. Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt has been renowned for decades as one of the best pianists in classical history. A Hungarian pianist, Liszt was prominent during the Romantic movement in Europe.

Liszt’s music has incredible range, incorporating lyrical, soft-spoken numbers as well as passionate, chord-dense Hungarian Rhapsodies. This is a testament to his versatility as a musician, too; Liszt, deemed a prodigy at a young age, wrote operas and conducted orchestras.

3. Martha Argerich

If you are keen to be inspired by a contemporary female artist, prioritise Argerich’s music.

Martha Argerich is an Argentine pianist who debuted her talents at the ripe age of eight. Her beautiful recordings include sonatas and selections from Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky.

Her interpretations of Romantic composers is both classical and contemporary, surprising listeners with equally aggressive and light-hearted approaches to the greats.

4. Frederic Chopin

Chopin has been dazzling listeners for decades, and for good reason. A Polish composer who was close friends with Franz Liszt, Chopin produced a stunning array of works in his short lifetime.

In fact, all of his works include the piano, although he is also known for his concertos, waltzes, nocturnes, and sonatas. Chopin’s pieces are filled with an inescapable sensitivity and attention to style.

5. Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms is one of the most renowned German composers in the piano’s history. In fact, many often group Brahms with the likes of Bach and Beethoven.

Brahms’ piano works are respected for their Classical roots as well as their fresh interpretation of a longstanding Romantic heritage. In fact, the most well-known Brahms pieces have profoundly Romantic themes and motifs.

Many have called Brahms’ music “pure,” in comparison to other Romantic period pieces.

6. Lang Lang

Yet another contemporary classical pianist likely to astound is Lang Lang. This Chinese composer and pianist has a track record of stunning countries all around the globe.

Lang Lang’s pieces range from wonderfully human interpretations of Liszt and other Romantic composers to collaborations with rock bands and pop singers.

Famous Pianists to Inspire You

The history of piano music is host to countless famous pianists who continue to amaze and inspire current musicians. As you build your repertoire, make sure to include Romantic-era composers like Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, and Frederic Chopin.

Modern audiences will also appreciate the works of Lang Lang and Martha Argerich.

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