In the not so distant past, people who wanted to tickle the ivories had to go somewhere that provided lessons or purchase a massive, expensive instrument and wait for instructors to come to them. Now, that’s all changed, and it begins with your selection of the best keyboard for learning the piano.

So listen up! Can you hear it? It’s the sound of musical mastery, and it’s coming from you. Read on to learn how you can take your beginner piano playing skills to new levels without major expense or massive scheduling issues. Sounds sweet!

Looking Back

Some of the earliest keyboards dating back centuries were connected to strings and hammers (no, not the construction kind!). You can tell we’ve come a long, long way. Pianos were partially made of ivory in those days, too!

When beginning students are looking for the best keyboard for learning the piano, it can be a little overwhelming.

In fact, you maybe just thought to yourself, “Wait, what? Can I actually choose a keyboard to learn on? You mean, separate from the piano itself?”

Well, yes! Considering that the keyboard is where you do almost all of the piano work (we’ll save the foot pedal talk for another time), we certainly want you to be most comfortable with your choice of keyboard.

Hands On! This is the Best Keyboard for Learning the Piano

OK, that was a bit misleading, as the best keyboard for learning the piano can really differ from person to person. But we do have some recommendations.

Beginners can use all the help they can get, right?

But you’re not exactly going to call your piano teacher up in the middle of the night when you wake up with itchy hands and a brainstorm of the perfect three-note medley.

What makes this the best keyboard is that you don’t have to make that late night call, because the best keyboard helps you, any time of day, night, holiday, natural weather disaster – you get the picture.

Called The ONE Light Piano, the “light” in the title holds two meanings. First, it really is light, and it’s a bonus to have a portable keyboard. Prefer to practice in the open air? No problem.

Want to take it with you for a performance at a friend’s or relative? This keyboard is easy to lift, easy to transport, easy to fit into your life.

The second reason the keyboard is called “light” is that this 61-key player comes with built-in LEDs that serve as guides as you play.

The keyboard becomes your teacher, and via a sync-up with your mobile device and a download a free app, you’ve got a keyboard that’s literally ready at your fingertips to grow with and go with you anywhere.

Your Key to it All

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