Over 37,000 pianos are sold in a single year!

But you don’t have to buy the world’s most expensive piano to see the incredible benefits that taking piano lessons offer your child.

In fact, numerous studies have proven that taking piano lessons can help to positively change a child’s brain. It’s been shown that learning how to play the piano can help with reading, math, and even social skills.

In addition to teaching your child about the value of hard work, taking piano lessons can help them become better in many aspects of life.

Whether your child grows up to become one of the world’s best piano players, or just finds a hobby they love, piano lessons are a wonderful idea for them.

Keep reading to learn all about the incredible variety of benefits that learning how to play the piano can give to your children!

They Can Help With Dexterity

Especially if your child is on the younger side, or even if they have mild developmental challenges, piano lessons can teach them valuable motor skills.

Playing the piano will build up strength and agility in their fingers, and help with coordination. Especially if your child is always on the go, playing the piano helps them to slow down and really be aware of how their body moves.

Plus, your child will have to think about how to move both their right and left hand at the same time, often in opposite directions. This means your child may even become ambidextrous!

You’ll see the benefits in your child’s handwriting, sports, and even artistic drawings.

They’ll Help With Social Skills

Is your child a little on the shy side?

Sometimes, the ability to perform for others can help your child to come out of their shell!

Not only will your child get used to being around others and performing in front of an audience, developing their skill on the piano will help them to feel more confident.

Plus, especially if your child loves to perform, they’ll get to travel to lots of different places, and meet many different people, while performing.

They’ll be able to talk to anyone! This is an especially valuable skill if your child is getting ready to apply for entry into a competitive school, where social interactions are highly valued as a point of acceptance.

Piano Lessons Teach Your Children To Stick With Something

No one gets a piano song right on the first try – not even the professionals!

Learning how to play the piano teaches your child discipline, and shows them to value of practice and hard work.

This is especially important in today’s world, where children are so used to instant gratification!

A child will have to take the time and make sacrifices in order to learn a piece well.

You’ll see the benefits of buckling down in almost all areas of your child’s life.

Especially if your child seems to rush through homework and other activities, learning piano will be especially important to teach them to slow down.

They’ll Learn About Other Cultures

Especially if you live in an area where everyone is pretty similar, it can be tough to find ways to teach your child about diversity.

The world of music, and especially of piano, can do just that.

They’ll learn about the history of songs, the cultures they come from, and how music style might be different in other countries than it is on their own.

They’ll also get to know more about the lives of famous composers that came from all over the world, and the cultures that they lived in. Plus, they’ll also get the added bonus of a history lesson!

What’s not to love about that?

Teaching your children about people who are different from them encourages kindness, curiosity, and respect for the traditions of others.

They Help Your Child To Express Emotion

Is your child still struggling with serious, cringe-inducing temper tantrums, even at an older age?

Piano lessons can help.


Because music gives children a new outlet to express themselves emotionally. Music also encourages children to see how human emotions are expressed in art, and can even help them to talk more openly about how they are feeling.

If you’re concerned your child is having problems at school, or may even be suffering from emotional distress, learning to play the piano can help them to be more in touch with the way they are feeling, and talk about it with you.

Playing The Piano Helps Your Child Academically

We know – you’ve been waiting for this one!

It is true that learning how to play the piano will help your child get better in school subjects like reading and mathematics.

Especially as your child learns music theory, you’ll likely see their mathematics grades improve.

This is because your child will have to divide, look for patterns, and recognize fractions as they move throughout a piece. They’ll need to understand timing and beat, which is highly mathematical.

Plus, learning songs on the piano also helps to improve a child’s long and short-term memory/muscle memory.

Piano will also help to strengthen your child’s spatial relational ability and reasoning. Plus, it can even help with posture!

Finally, your child will also learn how to better process information. This is because they must learn how to directly translate what they see written on the sheet of music to the movements their hands make.

If your child’s report card just isn’t where you want it to be, consider enrolling them in a private piano course or having them take online piano lessons.

It Will Teach Them Respect

First of all, the piano itself is a very delicate and expensive instrument. If a child is taught how to take care of valuable and fragile things early on, they’ll learn how to better care for other things and people in the future.

Taking lessons will also teach your child how to respect their piano teachers and listen carefully to their instructions.

Finally, it’s likely that your child will attend or even perform in several classical music concerts.

This will help your child learn how to behave at these important cultural events, and will teach them how to sit still for longer periods of time without disrupting others.

Especially if your child has recently struggled with issues around discipline and behavior, these lessons may be just the thing they need.

It Encourages Them To Set Goals

As a parent, we know you have many goals for your child – but they also need to be able to learn the value of setting goals for themselves.

Piano lessons can help your child to set their own goals, and work towards achieving them.

Whether it’s finally mastering that difficult piece, performing in the school talent show, or even getting a solo in an upcoming music concert, it’s important that your child learns what it takes to get what they want.

Plus, working hard for what’s important to you can prevent the sense of entitlement that plagues many children today.

If your child has been especially demanding lately, or if you’re concerned that your child just doesn’t know what they want, playing the piano is a great way to show them how good meeting a goal can feel.

Need More Advice About Piano Lessons?

While these are only a few of the incredible benefits that learning how to play the piano can offer your child, the possibilities are truly endless.

However, getting the right piano can help your child to stay enthusiastic about learning how to play!

We understand that, while you want to make sure your child has the best piano possible, you don’t always have room for a giant piano in your apartment or home.

For children that are just learning, we suggest looking into options like the 61 Key ONE light piano keyboard.

Let your child pick out their color – black or white – and give them a piano they can take to lots of different places.

Best of all, this piano is equipped with light-up keys, which can make it much easier to learn how to play.

Even better?

This piano can also connect to a free app, where your child can get access to countless pieces of music, online lessons, and more. 

And, to make sure that mom and dad stay sane, we love that this piano also lets your little Chopin plug in their headphones. They can practice all Saturday long – and you won’t hear a thing!

You’ll also be able to play other music through apps like Pandora, Tidal, and Spotify through this piano’s built-in MP3 speakers. Your piano can play music in more ways than one!

We hope this guide has proven to you that piano lessons are one of the most worthwhile investments you can make when it comes to your child’s education.

For more information, questions about payment plans and pricing, or simply to look into the other stunning pianos we offer, spend some time on our website.

You’ll see your child get more confident, do better in school, and connect with other students in no time!