learning the piano


One of the greatest things about learning the piano is the potential for it to be a great equaliser. Whether you were born a musical genius or earned your status by pounding the keys day after day, anyone and everyone can make sweet music.

But times have changed, and when you want your children to learn the piano, you may find things like family schedules, higher lesson costs, teacher availability, and your kids being uninterested all barriers to that potential joyful noise.

A lot has changed since the piano made its 1700 debut, but the benefits of children learning the piano are the same. Join us as we reach the high notes and read on.

The Kids and the Keys

Parents have been enrolling their kids in piano lessons for eons. There actually was a time when players only used eight fingers across the keys – they were the opposite of all thumbs!

But as long as parents have been putting their kids in piano lessons, those same kids have been protesting having to go.

Benefits of Children Who Learn Piano

Yet their parents keep on pushing! Why? These benefits apply to children who take up any type of musical education early in their lives, including the piano:

  • Playing music requires more brain activity, which leads to more diverse neural structure
  • Creative thinking and auditory skills are enhanced
  • Sense of pride and higher esteem
  • Potential for improved academic performance, even when completely unrelated to the piano

Learning the Piano the Smart Way

Want a way to get your children excited about learning a new instrument in a way that’s going to land you at the top of the Billboard Mom and Dad Charts?

It means changing your way of thinking a bit.

The latest thing in learning the piano is doing it the smart way. And what parent doesn’t want to encourage that?

Smart Piano is an upright, 88 key (so far, this should sound very familiar!) piano that helps your child learn via ways he or she is already interested. We know it is hard to pry kids these days away from their electronics.

The Smart Piano combines this interest in clicking, swiping, tapping, and following blinking lights into a custom, private, always-available-on-demand piano teacher.

When you connect the Smart Piano to your mobile device (compatibility with both Android and iPhone!), your child can access video lessons, sheet music, and even music-related games.

All in your own house, on your own time.

Think the Smart Piano may be a tad too smart for your little one or just too complicated? Check out this review of Stevie Wonder playing The ONE Smart Piano. We think it’ll be music to your ears!

Hit Us with the Right Note

Realize that putting your kid in piano lessons is really going to make sweet music in both of your lives?

Great! We couldn’t agree more. Until we can reach through the computer and hand you a free app about the Smart Piano, we’d like you to click here and contact us!

We’ll get in touch and start creating a plan to get your child excited to make music in this new, revolutionary way.

And yes! We do take requests. Leave a comment below about what songs you think we should add to our digital music catalog. We currently have over 2,000 pieces of sheet music and digital songs, but we want to keep our customers happy.

If there’s a piece of music you want your child to learn or a song you think would inspire him to practice more, let us know below.

We’re going to make great music together!