Q:How much do your piano/keyboard weigh, and what about the dimensions?

The ONE Smart Piano 54x18x33 in. 115 lbs.
The ONE Light Keyboard  36x13x4 in. 11 lbs.

Q:What is your return policy?

30 days – Returns/Exchanges on product defects

1 year – Warranty on parts for keyboard

3 year – Warranty on parts for piano

Q:How do I register for The ONE Smart Piano app?

1. Download the app from the app store

2. Once downloaded, open the app.

3. Enter an email address and create a password!

Q:Does the system lead to too much focus on correctness and prevent the development of richer musical expression?

We think the opposite will be true: by focusing learnings on full-length demos, a collection of familiar and favorite songs, and playing notes, we remove the burden of sight-reading and mapping notes to keys which will typically cause cognitive overload and stress that distracts from musical expression. So within a shorter time frame, you will be able to develop musical expressions compared to starting out with sheet music.

Q:Will I become too dependent on the system and not be able to play the song without it?

Our goal is not to teach sight reading, and we believe it isn’t the only way to learn music. Instead, our system supports learners in focusing on musical expression and playing rather than on mapping notes to keys to avoid the burden of sight-reading. Therefore you will find faster progress with our system in your initial learning even without the sight-reading skills, which will save you weeks and even years of formal piano lessons.

Q:Will I become too dependent on the LED lights?

Our system supports learners by helping individuals play through songs first to build interest, then adding on additional skills such as reading music, hand positions, and musical expression. Muscle memory is also a big part of playing piano, so we try to help individuals find their own musical expression rather than focusing on mapping notes to keys right at the start. With our system, you’ll find faster progress in your initial learning even without the sight-reading skills. When you’re ready to play independently, you can turn off the LED lights.

Q:Can I plug the keyboard into a computer?


You can connect the keyboard to the computer by using a USB cable, and then it becomes a MIDI keyboard!

Q:Could you compare the one smart piano sound to real piano sound?

The ONE Smart Piano provides professional stereo sound, loved by both beginners and experts.

Q:Where are your pianos/keyboards produced?

Our pianos were designed in Finland and manufactured in China by one of the largest keyboard manufacturers in the world.

Q:Why does my device say “Disconnected”, even though it is plugged in?

First, make sure your piano/keyboard is powered on. If your device still reads “Disconnected”, then disconnect the device and close the app. Finally, reconnect the device before relaunching the app.