Some people have a natural ear for playing music, even at an early age. Take Mozart for example – a musical genius whose works have lived on for centuries, Mozart was playing for the royal family in Austria at the age of 6.

Most of the time, though, becoming a great musician takes much practice and patience. Such is the case of piano players, guitarists, and singers alike. But, there are tools that can help new musicians progress in their skills.

If your child is taking piano lessons, encourage them to try their hand at these 5 intermediate piano songs.

1. Fur Elise – Beethoven

Beethoven actually studied with Mozart for some time, although his style is entirely his own. “Fur Elise” is arguably one of his most well-known compositions.

It’s a lovely, soft melody which takes a bit of time to get just right. Still, the challenge is a great introduction to intermediate and advanced piano songs. This pretty piano song is easy to listen to over and over, which helps young musicians learn the notes and progressions within the song.

2. Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28 No. 4 – Chopin

By the time the 19th century rolled around, Frederic Chopin was transforming the way people listened to and understood piano. Today, his songs remain a beauty to listen to and an intriguing challenge to take on.

Most of Chopin’s high-speed, quick songs are above the skill level of standard intermediate piano songs. Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28 No. 4, though, is a captivating change of pace. The song is slow and sombre, a moving melody that even a young piano player can master in due time.

3. All I Ask of You – Andrew Llyod Webber

Moving into more modern music, consider taking on “All I Ask of You” by Andrew Llyod Webber, a famous piece from the movie “The Phantom of the Opera.”

This song is another deeply emotional creation, which the piano notes alone relay. You may find yourself singing to the lyrics as the notes come out, or simply allowing yourself to get lost in the song.

4. Clocks – Coldplay

If your little one is looking for something other than the classics, introduce them to Coldplay. Most of Coldplay’s music is appropriate for young ears to listen to and it can be incredibly inspiring for young artists.

There’s a certain softness in “Clocks” that Coldplay doesn’t always use, accompanied by bolder, more powerful notes. This mix of piano solos and low melodies make it a fun piece to incorporate with songs that tend to be a bit serious.

5. Piano Man – Billy Joel

No matter how early you started piano lessons for your child, it’s never too soon to introduce them to a classic like “Piano Man.” This is a song you can’t help but sing too!

But, the music always sounds better when the piano is live. Encourage your child to add this to their list of intermediate piano songs, and sing with him or her as they play the notes.

Intermediate Piano Songs: The Building Blocks of Expert Players

From taking their very first lesson to progressing in piano skills, there’s no limit to what learning to play the piano can do for your child. Appreciation for art at an early age encourages creativity and unique thinking as a child grows up. It can develop into a fun hobby, or even inspire their entire career path.

But, the key to becoming a master musician, or just learning intermediate piano songs, is getting started. Click here to inquire about piano lessons for your little one.