play the piano

It isn’t uncommon for people to contemplate playing the piano for years before they decide to go for it.

Yet, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t learned sooner once you have started.

Not sure whether the skill is right for you? Here’s why you should learn to play the piano as an adult.

Make Your Dream Come True

You only have one life. So, don’t spend it thinking about all the things you want to do and start ticking things off your bucket list.

If you have always dreamed of learning the piano, take the time to learn how to master your favorite songs.

You can then tick it off your bucket list, whilst developing an enjoyable pastime.

Revisit an Old Hobby

There are many people who return to play the piano to revisit their old hobby.

There could be various reasons why you gave up, such as a busy social life or professional obligations.

You may have even been too young to appreciate the talent.

So, there is no reason why you cannot finish what you have started.

You never know, some of your earlier lessons may come flooding back to you.


You Can Teach Yourself

The thought of attending piano lessons might fill you with dread.

Adults don’t like to take direction, and they definitely don’t like a telling off when things go wrong.

You might think that it’s not even worth your consideration, as you’ll need a teacher, but is.

It’s never been easier to teach yourself how to play the piano.

You can connect THE ONE Piano to an iPad to teach yourself how to play.

All you have to do is follow the light on the keyboard. It couldn’t be easier.

There are no teachers. No-one to tell you off. No busy rush to make it to a lesson.

You choose the songs you want to play when you want to play them.

So, instead of paying $60-$200 for a piano teacher, you can affordably teach yourself to play in your own time.

Also, if money is an issue, you can buy one piano now and play later.

There’s No Time Like the Present

We hate to break it to you, but you’re not getting any younger.

So, why not grab the piano by both hands and start playing?

The wonderful thing about the instrument is you never stop learning.

There’s always a new song to master and another day to improve your skills.

So, give yourself a head start and teach yourself as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will regret not starting sooner when you finally learn how to play.

You Can Fluently Read Numbers & Letters

It can sometimes take young children longer to play the piano than adults, as they cannot read well.

Adults will have a firm grasp on letters and numbers, which will aid their learning.

What’s more, adults will be able to both read and absorb musical theory and history. Both of which are integral to competently play the piano.




Express Yourself

Adults have a greater ability to articulate their emotions in comparison to children.

So, music can provide the perfect way to express yourself, as you will be more in tune with your feelings.

When you learn the piano, you can sit down and play a song that expresses how you feel inside.

It will allow you to release emotion and will provide an outlet for your feelings.

So, when you have a hard day, are feeling gloomy or are on cloud nine, the piano will be there for you to play.

You’re Emotionally Developed

Speaking of emotion, that leads us onto our next point.

As adults are more emotionally developed than children, you can articulate emotion into the music.

Music is an art that depends on emotion, so it is easier for an adult to convey the necessary feelings into a song.

If someone has experienced a range of emotions in their life, they will be more equipped to evoke emotion.

Counteract Stress

You work hard all day, and may even bring it home with you.

How many times do your check your emails or sort through paperwork at home?

If your answer was too many times, you might feel as though your life is no longer your own.

So, it’s time to do something for yourself, which could be learning to play the piano.

Instead of thinking about deadlines, emails or tasks, you can switch off to learn a new skill.

Studies have proven that music-making can reduce stress, so it can improve your general health and well-being.

The hobby can be a great way to counteract stress, because your time, energy and focus will be elsewhere.

You can, therefore, enjoy a little time for yourself. Even if it is for an hour or two.

There’s No Pressure to Play the Piano

Children may not like to play the piano because there is a pressure to enjoy it or be good at it.

More often than not, they would rather play on a computer than learn how to play an instrument.

It’s often only children who will be able to go on to become star pianists, as it is an art that takes years upon years to master.

Yet, there is nothing stopping an adult from learning how to play their favorite songs.

You might never be the next Beethoven or Rubinstein, but you can learn to play their compositions.

There’s no pressure to be good. There’s no competition to beat. There’s no expectation.

It will be only you and the piano, taking it one day at a time.

Your Brain Can Still Do It

Children learn faster than adults as the pre-frontal cortex of their brain is not fully developed. So, they do not see everything exactly how it is, so find it easier to learn new things.

As a result, adults might think they have left it too late to start playing the piano.

Yes, it might take a little longer to master the skill. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to reach your goal.

While children might absorb lessons easily, adults can grasp concepts at a quicker rate.

Your age and wisdom could actually help you comprehend music faster than a child.

So, give your brain some credit!

The only thing stopping you from learning how to play is yourself.

You Have a Better Attention Span Than Children

Children have quite limited attention spans.

If they don’t want to do something, they either will not do it, try for a little while or will sulk until they can stop.

As adults have better a better attention span, you might be able to concentrate for a longer length of time.

So, you will have the commitment needed to learn how to play and will be happy to practice each day.

Do Something Different

If every day is blending into one, break up the monotony and learn to play the piano.

Each day you will have a new skill to master, a new song to play and a new talent to showcase.

By the end of each week, you can look back and see the week in stages, rather than a blur of days blending into each other.

Feel a Sense of Achievement

From learning ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Symphony No.9’ on the piano, you can learn something new every day.

Whether you’ve been playing for a day or 20 years, you can feel a sense of achievement every time you take to the piano.

Remember, the more you practice, the more you will learn.

So, give yourself a reason to feel proud and start playing the piano.

It’s Fun

And last but by no means least is the fact that playing the piano is fun.

This skill can become a fulfilling passion and an enjoyable pastime.

You can spend hours upon hours playing your favorite songs for yourself or others to enjoy.

You can also gather everyone around the piano for a sing-a-long, so you’ll be the life and soul of every party.

Whenever you have had a tough or fun day, you can add a little more joy into your life by tickling the ivories.


It is never too late to learn a new musical instrument.

The piano is definitely a great choice, as it can be incredibly rewarding.

While it might take years to learn, it will also offer years of non-stop fun.

Not only can you master a new skill, but it can provide a continual sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The piano can also help you de-stress, express yourself and just have a little fun whenever you like.

So, after a busy day at the office, you can sit down to play the piano and convey all your emotions onto the keys.

What’s even better is the fact you don’t even need to pay for expensive lessons.

You can teach yourself in your own home at your own pace – and you can even pick the songs you want to play. It could not be simpler.

Every day offers an opportunity to learn something new, as you can choose from thousands of songs.

So, have a little faith in yourself and start playing the piano today.

You will not look back once you start.

Have you mastered your favorite songs on the piano? Are you learning how to play? We’d love to hear your story and any tips you have to share. So, feel free to write a comment below.